Friday, December 1, 2017

Utah's Stop the Opidemic Media Campaign: Innovative Initiative Award Winner

Utah's Stop the Opidemic Media Campaign was Safe States Alliance Innovative Initiative Award Winner for 2017!

The Safe States Alliance Innovative Initiatives Program & Annual Award is a project designed to provide members of the Safe States Alliance with opportunities to celebrate and showcase the successes of their injury and violence prevention programs. An "innovative initiative" is defined as a unique and creative program or activity that has the potential to substantially decrease injuries and violence in a state, city, or community.

2017 Innovative Initiative Award winner, Utah's Stop the Opidemic Media Campaign, was created as a response to an immediate need to expand public awareness messaging and educate the public on the risks of all opioids (prescription and illicit), signs of an opioid overdose and naloxone. Non-traditional and traditional media components were used to create a bold, hard hitting campaign that initiated conversations around opioid risks, increased awareness on the signs of an opioid overdose, and changed attitudes, perceptions, and behaviors surrounding naloxone.

One of the most unique and effective components of the campaign were powerful and personal videos and stories of Utahns and their experience with opioids. In addition, an initiative encouraging the public to engage in discussions with their pharmacist on opioid risks, signs of an overdose, and naloxone provided an opportunity to engage pharmacists in prevention efforts. A toolkit with materials and talking points were developed for pharmacists in addition to a sticker they could place on top of opioid prescriptions alerting customers of opioid risks. 

For more information, reach out to P2P Regional Network member: Anna Fondario, Utah Department of Health ( 

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