Monday, June 26, 2017

Improving your injury and violence prevention practice with the Core Competencies

Presented by: The Southeaster and Southwestern Injury Prevention Network and The Safe States Alliance

Six webinars held from August - December 2017 on varying Tuesdays, each from 3:00 – 4:30 pm EST. Dates are August 1, August 29, September 29, October 24, November 28, December 19

This webinar series will be relevant to those with a variety of experiences and/or years of service: • Professionals working in injury and violence prevention and/or other areas of public health • Individuals anywhere along the spectrum of professional development – both those new to public health and/or injury and violence prevention, as well as those who have been working for several years and want to further develop their competencies.

The Core Competencies for Injury and Violence Prevention were developed by professionals with a long history of working in public health and injury and violence prevention (IVP) in hospital, health department, community, and academic settings. The competencies can provide a roadmap for gaining or strengthening the essential knowledge, skills and behaviors needed to grow professionally, and also strengthen the field and practice of IVP.

In this series of webinars, you will learn from experienced professionals in the field about how they use the competencies to develop and advance their own skills, as well as those of staff they manage. In addition to personal professional development, the competencies can be used to understand what knowledge and skills are needed in the continuum of developing, implementing and evaluating IVP programs and policies.

The first webinar will provide the rational for this series, highlighting the ways the competencies can help participants in their work. Webinars two through six will address core competencies for IVP one through seven, with core competencies eight and nine addressed throughout each presentation.

  • Shelli Stephens-Stidham, M.P.A. is the Director of the Injury Prevention Center of Greater Dallas (IPC) in Dallas, Texas. 
  • Kristen Lindemer, Safe States Alliance 
  • Tom Songer, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Department of Epidemiology, University of Pittsburgh. 

  • Carolyn Fowler, Ph.D, is an Assistant Professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing and joint appointed to the Department of Health Policy and Management at the Bloomberg School of Public Health. 
  • Alan Dellapenna, M.P.H. Director North Carolina Injury and Violence Prevention Program 
Webinar 3. September 26 - Finding, Understanding, and Using Injury and Violence Data 
  • Carol Runyan, M.P.H, Ph.D 
Webinar 4. October 24 - Creating, Implementing and Evaluating Effective Injury Prevention Interventions
Speakers: TBA

Webinar 5. November 28 - Leading, Managing, and Inspiring: How the Core Competencies Can Benefit Your Program 
Speakers: TBA

Webinar 6. December 19 - Communicating Competently to Create Change: the Power of Partnerships, Policy, and the Press 
Speakers: TBA

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