Friday, March 24, 2017

Connecting Unfunded Core States to RNCOs -- Shared R/P Factors Measurement Toolkit

Good afternoon, please see the message below from Natalie Wilkins regarding the opportunity to connect unfunded states with RNCOs through the Shared Risk and Protective Factors Measurement Toolkit. If you have any questions, please reach out to Natalie ( Thanks so much for all you do!  

Greetings Regional Network Coordinators:

As you may know, we recently released the latest version of the Shared Risk and Protective Factors Measurement Toolkit for CoreSVIPP grantees and their partners to use to help identify measures and data sources to track the impact of their work on shared risk and protective factors linked to multiple forms of injury and violence.

An email has gone out to CoreSVIPP grantees with information on the Toolkit and how to access it, but we wanted to provide you all with some additional information in case you get inquiries from states/partners about accessing this resource as well. While our primary audience for the Toolkit at this time are our funded CoreSVIPP states who will be using it to meet the reporting requirements of their cooperative agreement, we also recognize the importance of cross-state, regional collaboration and learning around a shared risk and protective factor approach to injury and violence prevention. In order to best facilitate this collaboration, we are making the Toolkit available to both formally funded CoreSVIPP grantees, as well as unfunded states who are participating in CoreSVIPP through the Regional Networks. We are also hoping to use the launch of the Toolkit as an opportunity to connect unfunded grantees with their RNCOs, so will be making an effort to direct inquiries from unfunded states to each of you. If you receive any inquiries from funded or unfunded states asking about accessing the Toolkit, please direct them to the FTP site where the Toolkit and user guidance are currently housed:

We are also very interested in feedback on how we can improve the Toolkit, and encourage states to email us at with questions, ideas, and suggestions for making this resource as helpful as possible for measuring shared risk and protective factors in the context of state injury and violence prevention programs.

Thank you for your help and all you do to support the states in your region!

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